FLIR M400XR 640 x 480 VOx Microbolometer <9 Hz NTSC or 30 Hz Stabilized Thermal/Visible Vision Camera with Joystick Control Unit|432-0012-04-00

FLIR M-400XR, 432-0012-04-00, M400XR Stabilized Thermal/Visible Camera System with JCU (NTSC, 30Hz)

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Especially designed for first responders, the FLIR M400XR offers detailed 640 x 480 thermal video, a long range HD Color camera, and a tight beam LED spotlight for improved target identification. In addition to active gyro stabilization and radar tracking, the M400XR’s integrated video tracking can lock onto and follow objects within its field of view. Firefighting mode displays a target temperature meter and isotherms to aid firefighters in battling blazes. The FLIR M-400XR provides exceptional situational awareness for first responders. It includes custom fire fighting software that displays a target temperature meter and isotherms. InstAlert™ mode depicts the hottest objects in shades of red and orange for easy identification, while IceAlert™ turns the coolest objects in view blue and green.

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Weight 25 lbs