SIMRAD HALO 200X RADAR,NO ARRAY/RI50/20M CBL | 000-15761-001

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The HALO® 2000 radar offers a premium experience on the water. An impressive 50W power – equivalent to a 12KW magnetron radar – delivers an unrivalled combination of short- and long-range coverage that enables you to see targets from six meters (20 feet) out to 72 nautical miles with exceptional clarity. Pulse Compression technology powers confident navigation through marinas, and superior storm and hazard detection across a greater distance. HALO® 2000 not only increases situational awareness and collision avoidance, but also offers higher-resolution target detection you won’t find in lower-powered radars.  

Easier Operation

Designed with an intuitive interface that ensures even a novice can operate the radar, HALO 2000 makes operation easier with smart features like Harbour, Offshore, Bird and Weather modes. These Preset Modes require no manual tuning – just select your chosen mode and go.

This simple approach also extends to fishing, with HALO’s powerful bird-finding capability which enables boaters to find flocks of birds and – more importantly – schools of fish at a distance.

Safer Navigation

HALO 2000 boasts an array of new features that make navigation safer and offer peace of mind.

ZoneTrack™ brings the best of professional boating technology to recreational users, allowing them to track up to 50 vessels within a defined area, automatically detecting their course and speed. HALO’s Dangerous Target Alerts highlight range, graphical bearing and heading of other vessels relative to yours. Meanwhile, VelocityTrack™ uses Doppler technology to show targets colour-coded so you can identify potential threats at a glance. Because, when it comes to safety, situational awareness is everything.

Building on the HALO Legacy

The next generation of pulse compression radar, HALO 2000 builds on the features that have made HALO an established choice for boaters across the globe. The solid-state technology gets you up and running quickly, and HALO’s low-power pulsed transmissions make it safe to run in harbours and marinas. Dual Range mode allows you to keep an eye on distant weather cells, while monitoring channel markets and high-speed watercraft up close. Advanced digital signal processing gives you a clearer view of targets, helping eliminate sea clutter, while Beam Sharpening provides enhanced separation between small or distant targets. Finally, HALO 2000 has the same footprint as its predecessor, making it easy to upgrade your current system. It’s also compatible with a range of Simrad® chartplotters, including NSS™, NSX™, NSO™ and GO™.

    • 50W power for longer range (from 6m to up to 72nm) and higher-resolution target detection
    • Advanced pulse compression technology with beam sharpening
    • Simultaneous Dual Range operation
    • Easy operation with Harbour, Offshore, Weather, and Bird modes
    • Track up to 50 targets with ZoneTrack
    • VelocityTrack Doppler technology for collision avoidance
    • Dangerous Target Alerts for radar and AIS targets
    • Ready instantly from standby, and in 16-25 seconds from power-on
    • Available in 3-, 4- and 6-foot arrays


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