Ku-Ka Band Convertible VSAT Antenna System with 85 cm Reflector, 8 W BUC | V5-85-U2LW/8W

Intellian V85NX, V5-85-U2LW, Ku to Ka Band convertable ant sys with 85cm (33.5″ ) Reflector, X-pol and Co-pol, NJRC 8W


The world’s first Ku- to Ka-band convertible antenna, the v85NX can simply be converted from Ku- to Ka-band compatibility by changing the center-mounted RF Assembly and Feed using a conversion kit. The reflector and radome have already been frequency tuned for both satellite bands, which ensures maximum performance across both of them. Also, the v85NX is ready for future NGSO constellation as well as 2.5 GHz wideband Ka-band. Intellian’s highly efficient RF design delivers the best performance compared to other 80cm class systems, enabling higher data rates and global operation. The compact 85 cm antenna’s smaller footprint allows installation on smaller vessels and gives them access to 1-meter designed networks. It also has several different BUC power options available up to 25 W that give it a wider operational range. The v85NX is ideal for commercial ships, the oil and gas industry, and mission-critical operations where uninterrupted connectivity is required.

Additional information

Item Name

VSAT Antenna System







18.3 db

Voltage Rating

100 to 240 VAC

Modem Interface

Ethernet Port/RS-232C, -422C/I/O Console)

Mediator Interface

Yes (Embedded in ACU, Primary / Secondary control on AptusNX)

Gyrocompass Interface

NMEA2000 / NMEA0183


256 x 64 Graphic OLED

Radome Height

48.4 in

Reflector Diameter

33.5 in

BUC Power

8 W, 16 W, 25 W (Optional)


Intellian PLL LNB


Linear, Cross and Co-pol

Stabilization Accuracy

0.2 deg Peak Mis-Pointing at Max Ship Motion Condition

TX Frequency

13.75 to 14.5 GHz Ku-band

RX Frequency

10.7 to 12.75 Ghz Ku-band

Remote Management


Antenna Cable

Single 50 ohm coax cable for Rx, Tx, FSK, Reference and Power from ACU to ADU

Radome Diameter

44.5 in