GARMIN GMR 434 xHD3, 4KW Radar PEDESTAL ONLY *Needs 4ft or 6ft array | 010-02779-00

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The GMR xHD3 series of open-array radars feature long ranges and improved target-size imaging. These robust new open-array radars incorporate our latest magnetron platform technology to maximize situational awareness for boaters cruising or fishing in open water. Available in 4’ and 6’ versions, with a choice of 4, 12 or 25 kW of output power, these open-array units feature advanced scan averaging technology — a first for Garmin magnetron radar — to filter out sea clutter and ensure a more consistent target display. Other highlights include true echo trails, auto bird gain, and enhanced target-size processing. The 100-knot wind-rated open-array antennas1 have rotation speeds of 24 and 48 RPM for fast redraw rates, with a max range of up to 96 nautical miles on the 25-kW and 12-kW versions (up to 72 nautical miles on the 4-kW versions).


GARMIN GMR™ 434 xHD3, 4KW Radar Pedestal, *Needs 4ft or 6ft array | 010-02779-00



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