AIRMAR 2 kW 40 to 60 kHz Low 80 to 130 kHz Medium Ultra-Wide Chirp-Ready Pocket/Keel Mount | PM411C-LWM

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Today’s top billfish tournament captains are calling the PM411LWM their “go to” transducer for seeking out targets and pinpointing them in deep water. This ultra wide transducer features a 40 deg beam width for an amazing amount of fish-finding coverage under the boat. Combining the low frequency range (40 to 60 kHz) with a medium frequency range (80 to 130 kHz), this tournament series transducer reveals more fish in the water column than ever before. Captains are combining this transducer with a PM275LHW or a B175HW for a combined package covering low to high frequencies with both wide and narrow coverage.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs

Item Name

Ultra-Wide Chirp-Ready Pocket/Keel Mount




368 mm L x 156 mm W x 124 mm H

Transmit Power

2 kW


40 to 60 kHz Low, 80 to 130 kHz High

Beam Angle

40 deg Low, 13 to 8 deg Medium


30 lb