AIRMAR 1 kW 42 to 65 kHz Low85 to 135 kHz Medium Bronze Chirp-Ready Through-Hull Depth and Temperature Transducer|B265C-LM

AIRMAR B265C-LM,B260 style CHIRP technology, 42 kHz to 65 kHz & 85 kHz to 135 kHz with fairing w/temp,For GSD26 / BSM2, 1 kW

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The B265LM Chirp-ready transducer is a perfect mid to deep depth transducer. The huge bandwidth in this transducer includes many of the most popular frequencies for targeting top gamefish. This 1 kW powerhouse transducer delivers clear target details, bottom discrimination as well as bait and game fish separation at all depths. The low frequency band provides deep water performance down to 3000′ and is a good choice when scouting an area or fishing in deeper depths. The medium frequency band is excellent for identifying targets suspended close to the bottom, on structure and within the water column. The included high performance fairing improves broadband performance at speeds over 30 knots (34 mph). Low Frequency 42 to 65 kHz/Medium Frequency 85 to 135 kHz.

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Weight 25 lbs