SIMRAD AP44 Medium Capacity Virtual Feedback Autopilot Controller with NAC-2 Autopilot Computer,Steady Steer Switch, N2K-PWR-RD Network Power Node, Precision-9 Compass, RPU80 Drive Unit |000-15747-001

SIMRAD 000-15747-001, AP44 VRF medium capacity pack, AP44 controller,Steady Steer Precision 9 compass, PUMP-2 and NAC-2 computer

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Add a Simrad autopilot to your boat with this all-in-one pack for hydraulic steered outboard and sterndrive vessels up to 10 m. Set your heading and access advanced pilot modes with the intuitive AP44 autopilot controller, featuring a 4.1 in full color display and rotary control dial.

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