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LOWRANCE TMR-1 Ghost Trolling Motor Remote. Works with all sizes. | 000-15468-001

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Control the Ghost trolling motor from anywhere on your boat with the Lowrance TMR-1 Remote.

Set anchor and control the speed and direction of the Lowrance Ghost trolling motor from anywhere on your boat with the lightweight and easy-to-use TMR remote control.


Adjust speed

Change direction

Set Anchor

Includes lanyard

Hold the plus and minus keys for 5 seconds to begin the pairing process. The light will begin to flash red. Go to your foot pedal and go to the user configuration mode. Press and hold buttons 2 and 3 until your hear a beep and the 24V and 36V lights should begin flashing. Press and hold the battery key you will hear a beep and your low, medium, and high lights will begin hyper flashing. Hold your new remote near the trolling motor and wait for the light to flash green on the remote. Press and hold the the propeller button on the bottom of the remote, the light should turn solid green. Release after the light goes dark. After the pairing process is complete hold the 2 and 3 buttons on the trolling motor until you hear a beep. The pairing process it complete.

Please note you can only have 1 remote paired at a time. 




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