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ICOM Black box marine VHF fixed mount w/black HM-195GB & two CommandMic ports | M410BB

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ICOM Black box marine VHF fixed mount with Up to 2 Command Mic Stations | M410BB 

High-Performance Black Box VHF Fixed Mount

Icom’s M410BB is a flexible black box fixed mount that provides VHF communications for vessels with limited helm space. The supplied CommandMic™ controls the radio for essential communications on the water.

Remote Stations

  Up to 2
One CommandMic™ included with radio, HM-195GB or HM195GW depending on version

Output Power



  Internal GPS GNSS Receiver, with external GPS antenna connection


  NMEA 2000®/ NMEA 0183® -HS

Waterproof Rating


Clean Installation for Limited Helm Space

The M410BB consists of a CommandMic™ and black box RF unit. Use the CommandMic™ for all operations including DSC. Install the RF unit out-of-sight, place up to 60 ft (18.3 m)* away from the CommandMic™.

*Two OPC-1541 cables are required for the 60 ft installation

CommandMic™ Stations

Add an additional CommandMic™ to extend communication points for boats requiring a second comms station. This is ideal for boats needing communication between the cockpit and other locations on the boat. Access the intercom functions for one-to-all or one-to-one communications on the boat.

Class D DSC Functionality

On the back of every CommandMic™ is a conveniently located DSC button. Once triggered, the M410BB transmits a DSC alert signal to nearby vessels with the MMSI* and GPS location of your vessel.

NMEA200® and NMEA 0183-HS®

The NMEA 2000® network provides plug-and-play data communication to inter-connect other marine equipment such as an MFD (Multi-Function Display). The radio can send AIS, GNSS (GPS) position, DSC call, and radio channels to other equipment.

Loud One-Way RX Hailer

The built-in 15W amplifier increases the audio output of an external hailer speaker. The one-way RX hailer function enables you to broadcast radio traffic through the hailer speaker to listen to radio traffic on the deck or tower. You can also sound foghorn patterns from the hailer speaker.

Active Noise Cancelling

The Active Noise Cancelling function digitally removes background noise from transmitting and receiving audio to provide clear communications in noisy maritime environments.

Other Features:

  • AquaQuake™ function
  • Anchor watch function
M510BB M410BB M400BB
CommandMic™ Stations 3 stations
(up to 2 options)
2 stations
(optional 1 station)
1 station
Intercom function Yes Yes No
Class D DSC & Distress Yes Yes No
AIS Receiver Yes No No
Integrated GPS (GNSS) receiver Yes Yes No
Active Noise Cancelling Yes Yes Yes
Voice Recording & Playback Yes No No
NMEA Interface NMEA 2000®
NMEA 0183® -HS
NMEA 2000®
NMEA 0183® -HS
NMEA 0183®
DSC Remote Control Interface Yes (EN 300 338-8) No No
RX Hailer and Foghorn Yes (one-way) Yes (one-way) Yes (one-way)


Additional information
Weight 5 lbs





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