GARMIN GT50M-THP 300 W 80 to 160 kHz CHIRP (Mid-Band), 455 kHz (425 to 485 kHz) and 800 kHz (790 to 850 kHz) ClearVu/SideVu CHIRP Stainless Steel 5 ft + 30 ft Extension Cable 12-Pin Depth/Temperature

GARMIN 010-01965-11, Garmin GT50M-THP – Stainless Steel Thru-Hull Pair DownVü/SideVü 500 W (CHIRP 455/800 kHz) 12-PIN



Garmin GT50M-THP – Stainless Steel
Thru-Hull Pair DownVü/SideVü 500 W (CHIRP 455/800 kHz)
Traditional 300 W (Mid-band CHIRP 80-160 kHz) Transducers with Temp

This thru-hull transducer pair provides
ultra-clear sonar pictures of objects, structure and fish that pass
below your boat. These traditional CHIRP sonar and CHIRP DownVü/SideVü
transducers are optimized for clearer images at shallower depths.

The CHIRP DownVü/ SideVü elements
have a power rating of 500 W per element (1,500 W total) and operating
frequencies of 455/800 kHz. The traditional CHIRP sonar has a power
rating of 300 W and operating frequencies of mid-band CHIRP 80-160
kHz. It includes a built-in fast-response temperature sensor. For
hull deadrises less than 25 degrees.

GT50M-THP includes a 12-pin port/starboard
transducers with stainless steel stems, fairing blocks, Y-cable,
bushings, mounting hardware and installation instructions. Follow
the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs

Item Name





Stainless Steel

Transmit Power

300 W CHIRP Traditional; 500 W ClearVu/SideVu


26 to 15 deg Traditional, 1.1 x 53 deg at 455 kHz and 0.7 x 30 deg at 800 kHz ClearVu/SideVu

Maximum Depth

1500 ft Traditional, 750 ft ClearVu, 500 ft SideVu

Deadrise Angle

Up to 25 deg

Cable Length

5 ft + 30 ft Extension


Depth and Temperature

Number of Pins


Sonar Type

Traditional, SideVu, ClearVu