AIRMAR CM111 2 to 3 kW 38 to 75 kHz Low150 to 250 kHz High Urethane Wide Beam Tank/Pocket/Keel Mount Chirp Depth and Temperature Transducer|CM111C-LHW

AIRMAR CM111CW (Keel Mount Style) Pocket Mount CHIRP at Low & High , 38kHz – 75kHz & 150kHz – 250kHz, No Connector,2-3kW,

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Airmar CM111LHW widebeam, CHIRP Transducer
Tank-Pocket-Keel Mount

CHIRP CM111C transducer transmit across
a wide frequency band instead of using a single frequency. This is
also known as “Frequency Modulation” or “Spread-Spectrum”
Transmissions. These waveforms are typically of long duration and
for example may start at 38 kHz and end at 210 kHz.

Energy transmitted into the water can be
10 to 50 times greater than a traditional fishfinder. By storing
the shape of the transmitted waveform in memory and comparing it
to the received echoes using pattern matching techniques (also called
pulse compression), it is possible to find targets within the noise
and precisely determine their range with astounding accuracy.

16-Internal Broadband Ceramic Assemblies

Depth & fast-response water-temperature

Fishing Profile: Recreational and commercial
inshore and offshore fishing (deep-water canyon and sea-mount tracking)

Urethane transducer housing

Hull Type: Fiberglass only

No Connector (bare wires)

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs