FURUNO 2 to 3 kW 33 to 60 kHz Low130 to 210 kHz High Plastic In-Hull Depth Transducer|R299ID-IHN

FURUNO R299ID-IHN, Urethane In-Hull Transducer, 33-60kHz & 130-210kHz, 2/3 kW (No plug)


The Broadband R299 operates at any frequency between 33 kHz to 60 kHz and 130 kHz to 210 kHz. Adjusting the frequency allows you to change the R299’s beam width and depth capabilities. For example if you are bottom fishing in 61 m (200 ft) of water, the narrow high frequency beam will display extreme bottom detail and fish holding tight to structure. If you are tuna or marlin fishing in deep blue water, the wider, low frequency beam will not only give deep-water bottom detail, but more importantly show you more of what is around your vessel, including bait which may attract game fish. Because the R299 has a bandwidth that covers a continuous frequency spectrum, next generation fish finders utilizing Furuno Free Synthesizer (FFS) technology can be made “tunable”, so fishermen can “dial-in” the best frequency for the target fish species or conditions.

Additional information

Weight 58 lbs

Item Name






Transmit Power

2 or 3 kW


9 x 15 deg at 38 kHz, 7 x 13 deg at 50 kHz, 6 x 11 deg at 60 kHz, 7 deg at 140 kHz, 6 deg at 170 kHz, 5 deg at 200 kHz

Maximum Depth

914 to 1372 m Low, 235 to 353 m High

Deadrise Angle

0 to 22 deg

Cable Length

15 m



Acoustic Window



17.18 in L x 8.8 in W x 8.73 in H