AIRMAR 2 kW 38 to 75 kHz Low130 to 210 kHz High Urethane Chirp-Ready In-Hull Depth Transducer|R111C-LH

AIRMAR R111C-LH broadband CHIRP, In-Hull w/tank, 38 kHz – 75 kHz & 130 kHz – 210 kHz, No Connector, Depth only, 2kW

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This powerhouse, 2 kW transducer delivers extreme target detail, bottom discrimination and bait and game fish separation. The R111LH is packed with a fifteen element, low frequency array that operates anywhere between 38 kHz and 75 kHz which delivers great depth capabilities out to 6000 ft. The single, high frequency ceramic operates at any frequency between 130 kHz and 210 kHz and has narrow 8 to 4 deg beams that provide tremendous bottom detail and fish target discrimination at depths to 1500 ft. The transducer is installed inside the hull of the boat in the included yellow tank. The tank is cut to the boats deadrise angle and affixed inside the hull to assure that when the transducer is installed inside the tank, it is properly oriented for optimal performance. The R111LH is a popular choice for customers not wanting to drill any holes in their hull and for trailered boats or multi-hull boats.

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs

Item Name

Chirp-Ready Transducer




38 to 75 kHz Low; 130 to 210 kHz High


19 to 10 deg (Port to Starboard), 10 to 5 deg (Fore-Aft) at 38 to 75 kHz Low, 8 to 4 deg 130 to 210 kHz High

Maximum Depth

6000 ft at 38 to 75 kHz Low, 1500 ft at 130 to 210 kHz High

Deadrise Angle

Up to 22 deg Short Side, Up to 12 deg Long Side



Acoustic Window


Mounting Type



17.18 in L x 8.8 in W x 8.73 in H


43.4 lb