KVH TracVision TV5 48 dBW Satellite TV Antenna System with IP-Enabled TV-Hub A|01-0364-07 – SHIPPING CHARGES APPLY

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TracVision TV5 offers outstanding high performance tracking and reception, as well as compatibility with circular and linear Ku-band services worldwide. Plus, with 30% greater reception than other 45 cm (18 in) marine satellite TV systems, you’ll enjoy your favorite TV programs on your boat where few others can provide it. This rugged system is ideal for sport fishing boats or boats venturing offshore or to the islands.

Additional information

Weight 56 lbs
Item Name

Satellite TV Antenna System with IP-Enabled TV-Hub A




Voltage Rating

10 to 30 VDC

Dish Diameter

45 cm


720 deg Azimuth

Cable Length

30 m

Minimum EIRP

48 dBW

Temperature Rating

-25 to 55 deg C

Elevation Range

0 to 80 deg


25 lb