SHAKESPEARE Wireless Internet Booster for Internet, 50 dB|CA-STREAM

SHAKESPEARE CA-STREAM, Wireless Booster for Internet

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Designed for boats of all sizes, the Shakespeare Stream uses Shakespeare’s state-of-the-art marine cellular booster technology to amplify weak cell signals along inshore, coastal and popular cruising routes, enabling boaters to use data on their cellular devices more reliably. Take advantage of your existing cellular devices and unlimited plans to bring Internet onto your boat. The Shakespeare Stream is compatible with most cellular devices and major cellular service providers in the US and Canada. Place the cellular enabled tablet, phone or mobile hotspot that needs to be boosted within 1 to 2 in of the black helm antenna and watch your data speed and reliability go up. Whether you are struggling with slow Wi-Fi at the dock or have spotty cellular service on the water, enjoy the internet at up to 4G speeds with the Shakespeare Stream wireless booster and your cellular device.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Item Name

Wireless Internet Booster





698 to 716/776 to 787/824 to 849/1850 to 1915/1710 to 1755 MHz Uplink; 728 to 746/746 to 757/869 to 894/1930 to 1995/2110 to 2155 MHz Downlink


50 dB


50 Ohm


10 ft SC-174 Internal, 20 ft SC-240 External

RF Connector

FME-Male (Both Ends) Booster, Type N Female External Antenna

Voltage Rating

6 to 15 VDC

Amperage Rating

2.1 A

Minimum EIRP

1 W



Noise Rating

<=5 dB


5.625 x 4 x 1.125 in


1.43 lb