RAYMARINE RayNet to RayNet Network Cable, 400 mm|A80161

RAYMARINE A80161, RayNet to RayNet Network Cable, cable is 15-inches (400mm) long

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An address based data packet network capable of high speeds (10/100/1000 Mbps) originally developed for the computer industry that is seeing adoption in the marine industry. Ethernet networks are designed as a star topology. Systems of three or more nodes require a hub, router or switch to facilitate all point to point connections. An NMEA standard for the transfer of NMEA 2000 messages using an Ethernet protocol is being developed that will be called OneNet. Raymarine’s current generation system that replaces the RJ45 connector with a water-proof vibration tolerant twist pin connector that is designed for the marine environment. The new RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) network cable can be used to daisy chain 2 adjacent RayNet devices together. It is also useful for joining two adjacent HS-5 network switches together on larger systems where multiple switches are necessary.

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Item Name

Network Cable







RayNet to RayNet Port Connectivity


400 mm

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RayNet to RayNet