KVH CommBox Edge Communications Gateway, Edge 6 – Manage up to 12 WAN sources | 72-1056-01

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Monitor and control your Starlink data usage with this device.

Dynamic cloud-based management with marinized edge computing enables vessels and IT professionals to optimize, control, and simplify modern multi-channel onboard networks that rely on VSAT, OneWeb, Starlink, 5G/LTE, and other services.

Your vessel deserves a communications network that meets your
demanding standards and simplifies your connections. KVH’s CommBox Edge Communications Gateway simplifies your vessel’s modern multi-orbit, multi-channel connectivity using premier, intuitive network and bandwidth management. CommBox Edge delivers outstanding performance for
onboard communications using a versatile, secure and measurably faster SD-WAN architecture with cloud management.

Optimize Your Performance – Manage up to 12 WAN sources

Create an onboard network that meets your most demanding requirements with multiple easy-to-useand powerful channel management and bonding capabilities:

  • Configure dynamic data and WAN usage rules and quotas for granular communications control
  • Easily create multiple LANs to support operations, owners, crews, IoT, guests, and more securely
  • Control which channels are used and when with WAN prioritization
  • Make full use of multiple WANs simultaneously through connection bonding and balancing
  • Multiply your connection speeds with advanced connection bonding to combine multiple WANs 
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