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FUSION MS-UNIDOCK,Universal Ext. Dock for 700 Series & RA205 (provides interface to old Apple devices, New Apple devices



Technology moves quickly and it can seem like manufacturers are forever shifting the goalposts. Fusion have come to the rescue with the innovative Marine UNI-Dock™ (MS-UNIDOCK). The revolutionary UNI-Dock™ supports the widest array of smart phones, media players and USB devices on the market. Compatible with Fusion’s innovative MS-AV650, MS-AV750, MS-AV755, MS-RA70, MS-RA70N, MS-BB100, MS-BB300, MS-AV7000, MS-AV700i, MS-IP700i and MS-RA205, the new UNI-Dock™ allows users to enjoy on-the water entertainment from an extensive range of Apple and supported MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) enabled Android and Windows smartphones. Three adaptor cables are included with the UNI-Dock™ (1 x USB – Apple 30Pin, 1 x USB – Apple Lightning, 1 x USB – micro USB) for convenient connection to the widest range of supported devices. Not only is Fusion’s UNI-Dock™ more versatile, it also has the ‘True Marine™’ stamp, meaning it’s designed and tested especially for harsh marine environments and rated IPX5 water-resistant (from the front when correctly bulkhead mounted). The UNI-Dock™ features a generous tray size to protect and charge a variety of devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6s, with more products gaining compatibility constantly.

Additional information
Weight 5 lbs
Item Name

Universal Extension Dock





179 mm L x 157.7 mm W x 68.7 mm H


2 m USB Connector, 155 mm D Mounting

Maximum Supported Device Dimension

141 mm L x 71 mm W x 13 mm H

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