ACTISENSE 8 to 35 V Battery, 4.75 to 5.25 V USB NMEA Multiplexer|NDC-4-AIS

ACTISENSE NDC-4-AIS, NDC-4 NMEA Multiplexer reconfigured for AIS

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The NDC-4 provides complete access to all NMEA 0183 data sources, configurable filters to remove unwanted data, as well as enabling an on-board PC to read and add to the combined data stream. The NDC-4 and NDC-4-USB allow up to five OPTO isolated NMEA 0183 sources to be multiplexed into a single stream. The NDC-4 has a very low power consumption which is an advantage in small vessel installations. Flexible and powerful enough to be the heart of a simple system, or one of many Actisense products in a more complex system.

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Weight 4 lbs