Waypoint Management

Waypoint Management

By Keven Thomas,
Sr. Tech Support & Products Manager

Waypoints are as close to a fisherman’s heart as the family dog. They need to be played with just as much.  I am going to try and outline some of the basics of waypoint management.

First and foremost, save your waypoints. You can’t stress this to your customers enough. I have had countless calls over the years,” Keven can you retrieve my waypoints?”. This is usually after the screen has gone out or is burnt from the sun 10 years later.

Second use the notes function on the MFD to say why you marked a spot.  This will come in handy later as you sift through your waypoints to get rid of the junk.

Along with the notes feature you can use symbols to help manage points. With this, you can use one symbol for your lobster spots one for bottom spots, and so on. A great tool for management on-screen for running to different spots.

If you are transferring waypoints to another manufacturer or onto your buddy’s boat for a trip. A good tool to use is Garmin Homeport. With this tool, you can save, manage, and change the file extension to use on other MFD’s.

The Simrad App will also let you manage your waypoints. Apps are very useful as they keep your points backed up. It is also a good practice to save copies on your PC labeled by the dates they are saved. Did I mention save your waypoints? Keven Thomas