NEWMAR Phase Three Series 6.5 A at 115 VAC Full Load 4 A at 230 VAC Full Load Input 25 A Output 90 to 132/180 to 264 VAC Input 12 VDC Output 50/60 Hz Battery Charger|PT-25W

NEWMAR PT-25W, Batt Chgr, Phase 3, 12V 25A, 3 Bank

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Phase Three “Smart” battery charging technology is now available in a wide range of power levels, allowing you to select the right size, features and flexibility you require for virtually any application from providing quick recharge of auxiliary batteries in vehicles parked in the station house, to powering continuous loads and maintaining peak charge in battery systems in mobile as well as industrial generator applications. These chargers interact with batteries to put them through the optimum 3-stage charge process which provides for fastest recovery and ideal conditioning, maximizing battery performance and extending battery life. A selector switch adjusts output voltage to adapt for gel cell, flooded lead acid/AGM battery types. An optional temperature compensation sensor also adjusts output for ideal voltage based on changes in the batteries ambient temperature. All models are housed in a rugged stainless steel case with a durable white powder coat finish (except PT-7) and the internal circuitry is polyurethane coated for maximum corrosion-resistance.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Item Name

Battery Charger





Phase Three

Input Voltage

90 to 132/180 to 264 VAC

Output Voltage

12 VDC

Output Amperage

25 A


12.5 in L x 7.7 in W x 4.3 in H


50/60 Hz


Rugged Stainless Steel Case


Durable White Powder Coated

Battery Capacity

50 to 250 Ah

Temperature Rating

-10 to 60 deg C

Number of Battery Banks



8.2 lb