JL AUDIO M1000/5v2 1000 W 5-Channel Class-D Marine System Amplifier|98358

JL AUDIO 98358, M1000/5v2: 5 Ch. Class D Marine System Amplifier, 1000 W

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Here is the perfect, all-in-one solution to drive a potent 4 speaker + dual subwoofer marine audio system. The M1000/5v2 delivers up to 1000 W of clean power and can comfortably drive two pairs of quality component speaker systems with 75 W x 4 at 4 Ohm, while also delivering a stout 600 W of power to a dual subwoofer system. The breakthrough that makes this much power possible in such a small chassis is our NexD™ switching amplifier design. The M1000/5v2 includes a 12 dB/octave high pass filter for one main channel pair, a 12 dB octave high pass or bandpass filter for the other main channel pair, plus a variable slope low pass filter for its subwoofer channel. All three filters offer continuously variable cutoff frequency selection from 50 to 500 Hz. This amplifier filters can also be configured as a true 3-way crossover, with a low pass filter for the subwoofer channel, a bandpass filter on channel 3 and 4 and a high pass filter on channel 1 and 2. An x10 multiplier switch on the channel 1 and 2 high pass filter allows its cutoff frequency to be adjusted from 50 to 500 Hz or 500 to 5000 Hz. With the addition of an HD-RLC remote level control (sold separately), the amplifier subwoofer output level or master volume for all channels can be directly controlled from the helm. The M1000/5v2 also features the v2 Spec feature set, which consists of automatic turn-on capability (via signal sensing or DC-offset sensing) and a dual range differential balanced input section able to handle a wide range of input voltage levels. This amplifier features white and gray powder coat finish, a gasketed cover for the controls and stainless steel hardware for durability in the marine environment.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Item Name

Marine System Amplifier







1000 W

Number of Channels


Load Impedance

2 to 4 Ohm

Signal to Noise Ratio

>104 dB Below Rated Power (A-Weighted, 20 Hz to 20 kHz Noise Bandwidth)

Total Harmonic Distortion

<1% at 2 Ohm/Channel

Voltage Rating

200 mV to 2 V RMS (Low) to 800 mV to 8 V RMS (High)

Frequency Response

12 Hz to 22 kHz (+0, -1 dB)

Fuse Rating

80 A

Amplifier Class

Class D


4 AWG Wire


White and Gray Powder Coated

Damping Factor

>75/50 Hz at 2 Ohm, >150/50 Hz at 4 Ohm