GLOMEX ZigBoat Smoke Alarm Sensor|ZB204


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You will be instantly notified of smoke detection through your ZigBoat internet connected gateway. Moreover, the smoke alarm sensor will warn occupants about smoke, using a loud siren. Via ZigBee communication, the Smoke Alarm Sensor can activate sirens of other Smoke Alarm Sensor in the boat. ZigBoat gateway is required. ZigBoat is an innovative wireless system for monitoring and interacting with your boat either remotely or while on board ensuring safety and peace of mind with no subscription or monthly fees. The ZigBoat consists of a core module (Gateway) and a series of standard and optional sensors that can be added to your specific needs. Thanks to ZigBee and Wi-Fi wireless technologies, which have direct communication with onboard sensors without the need for a cloud, ZigBoat sends real-time push notifications when critical events occur. Using the ZigBoat app, you can check boat information that is being monitored by the system.

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Weight 1 lbs
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Smoke Alarm Sensor