GLOMEX 27.5 dB 40 to 890 MHz Full HD Omnidirectional Antenna|V9112AGC

GLOMEX V9112AGC, 14″ DVB-T2 TV FULL HD marine Omnidirectional Antenna. The most popular in the USA since 1997.


The Nashira evolves into the Nashira AGC to make your life easier with the new and innovative automatic gain control amplifier. Thanks to this new amplifier, you only have to turn on the TV and the antenna AGC will adjust by itself the gain of the TV signal to ensure the best possible reception of television broadcasts. With conventional amplifiers, you have to manually adjust the TV signal gain by lowering or increasing the gain based on the signal strength. With the new Nashira AGC, everything will happen automatically and the innovative amplifier can be placed in a hidden location inside the boat. This innovation increases the Nashira’s benefits that have allowed the Nashira to be the best selling marine DVB-T and DVB-T2 TV antenna in the world for more than 30 years. With its always appreciated essential styling, aerodynamic lines, shark fin (55 mm/2.2 in high) for receiving vertically polarized TV signals, reinforced base to ensure maximum stability, compact size (370 mm/14 in dia), and high quality construction materials, it is easy to understand with this antenna is so popular. If matched with a 2-way splitter (code: V9147, optional) installed between the antenna and the amplifier, it can also receive AM-FM radio frequencies.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Item Name






Full HD, Omni-Directional


9-1/2 in


40 to 890 MHz


27.5 dB


75 Ohm

Cable Length

66 ft


66 ft Coaxial Cable, V9144 F-Male Gold Plated Connector

Voltage Rating

12 to 24 VDC

Amperage Rating

20 mA

Noise Rating

2.1 dB


360 deg


34.39 oz