GARMIN Reactor 40 QVGA Color LCD Display Steer by Wire Standard Corepack with GHC 20 Marine Autopilot Control Unit|010-00705-86

GARMIN 010-00705-86, GHP™ Reactor 40, Steer-by-wire Standard Corepack, for SeaStar® Optimus™ systems, Yanmar® Marine ZT 370

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Reactor 40 for steer-by-wire provides robust autopilot capabilities for SeaStar Optimus systems, Yanmar marine ZT 370 stern drive electronic power steering systems and ZF 2800 pod drives. With a complete package designed for powerboats and sailboats, Garmin brings an advanced marine technology to the boating public that was once only available for commercial boats. The Reactor 40 autopilot series is simply the most responsive autopilot system we have ever offered. Reactor 40 autopilots are very versatile. Both powerboat and sailing features are available in all corepacks, including heading hold, wind hold, tack/jibe, step turns and more, simply pick the autopilot that’s compatible with your existing steering system.

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Weight 22 lbs



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