GARMIN 11.5 to 30 VDC GHP Smart Pump|010-00705-60

GARMIN 010-00705-60, GHP SmartPump Only

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Put an end to guessing which pump size will work with your particular boat. One smart pump works for most boats and applications. You know you have the right pump for your boat for optimum control and confidence. Plus, you get complete control in a smaller size with better thermal performance, higher reliability and lower power consumption. It also includes color coded connectors to make it very easy to install. Our smart pump is engineered from corrosion-resistant components including black dye on aluminum parts and nickel-plating on all steel parts.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Item Name

GHP Smart Pump





7-1/2 in W x 9-5/8 in D x 7-3/4 in H

Power Consumption

Less Than 1 A Standby; 5 to 10 A Engaged; 34 A Peak

Temperature Rating

-15 to 55 deg C


16.5 lb