GARMIN Reactor 40 10 to 30 V QVGA Color LCD Display Mechanical/Retrofit/Solenoid Corepack with GHC 20 Marine Autopilot Control Unit|010-00705-49

GARMIN 010-00705-49, GHP™ Reactor 40, GHC20 Mechanical/Retrofit/Solenoid Corepack

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With a complete package designed for powerboats and sailboats, Garmin brings an advanced marine technology to the boating public that was once only available for commercial boats. The Reactor 40 autopilot series is simply the most responsive autopilot system we have ever offered. Reactor 40 autopilots are very versatile. Both powerboat and sailing features are available in all corepacks, including heading hold, wind hold, tack/jibe, step turns and more; simply pick the autopilot that’s compatible with your existing steering system. If you don’t see a compatible Reactor 40, you’ll find the Reactor 40 mechanical/retrofit/solenoid is compatible with a wide variety of steering systems, whether hydraulic, cable drive, mechanical and solenoid. Just pair GRF™ 10 with your drive system already on board. The Reactor 40 mechanical/retrofit/solenoid autopilot corepack is ideal for sailboats and powerboats with direct or cable-actuated steering systems. This Reactor 40 below deck autopilot system gives captains that extra set of hands they need so you can safely attend to your sails, lines, winches and radios, without worry. With its solid state 9-axis AHRS, Reactor 40 mounts anywhere, in any orientation and requires minimal commissioning.

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs

Item Name

Mechanical/Retrofit/Solenoid Corepack



Connection Interface

NMEA 2000

Display Type



4.3 in W x 1.9 in D x 4.4 in H CCU, 6.6 in W x 2.1 in D x 4.6 in H ECU, 1 in Dia x 29/32 in L Buzzer/Alarm

Voltage Rating

10 to 30 V

Display Resolution

320 x 240 pixel

Temperature Rating

-15 to 55 deg C

Waterproof Rating