FURUNO Power Steering Module for NavPilot 700 Series HRP-Style Pumps Only|FPS8

FURUNO FPS8, NavPilot 700 Series Power Steering Module

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FURUNO FPS8, NavPilot 700 Series Power
Steering Module

The Optional FPS8 valve block unit is designed
to be used together with a Furuno HRP pump. The FPS8 and is mounted
directly onto the HRP pump unit. When combined with our “Whisper
Quiet” HRP11 and HRP17 pump units, the FPS8 Module provides Safe
Helm and Power Assist steering functionality for any vessel with
a hydraulic helm steering system. The FPS8 module is installed in
the hydraulic steering system between the HRP pump unit and the Steering
Helm/Rudder Actuating Cylinder. If the FPS8 is not engaged or enabled,
there is no effect on steering performance. Additionally, when the
NavPilot system is turned off, or if the NavPilot software has not
yet been updated to provide Safe Helm and Power Assist capability,
hydraulic fluid simply passes through the FPS8 module as if it is
not present.

If you are interested in utilizing the “SAFE
HELM” and “POWER ASSIST” features, it is highly recommend that,
when installing the NavPilot 700 Series Autopilot, the optional FPS8
Power Steering Module is purchased and installed at the same time.
This will eliminate the need to re-plumb the hydraulic system and
run additional connection cables in the future. When the new software
is available this Fall, you will only need to update the NavPilot
software and make a few setting changes in the installation menu.

FPS8 and HRP pump sold separately – pump
not included.

Power Assist Mode: Power Assist mode is
activated when the two direction helm pump sensors in the FPS8 detect
helm movement in either the port or starboard direction. Power Assist
Mode is programmable by selecting an appropriate rudder assisted
speed. Power Assist is also vessel speed dependent and programmable.
For example, at programmable higher vessel speeds, the power assist
mode can be disabled so that the vessel does not over-correct when
the helm is used. Then as the boat slows down for maneuvering, power
assist will automatically re-engage. If the NavPilot is in Standby
Mode, the Power Assist function is automatically disabled by default.
As long as the operator provides helm movement, Power Assist will
continue to move the rudder. This unique mode will greatly reduce
steering effort for the operator. HRP reversing pump is operated
in the same direction as the oil flow from the helm pump. As the
helm operator turns the helm pump the reversing pump will continue
to operate. When the helm wheel is stopped the PS8 sensors turn off
the reversing pump.

Safe Helm Mode: Safe Helm uses two directional
helm pump sensors in the FPS8 to interrupt autopilot control of the
vessel. Whenever the direction sensors detect helm movement, Safe
Helm is activated. The sensitivity of the Safe Helm is programmable
and can be adjusted so that minor helm movements do not automatically
evoke Safe Helm. Once helm movement is stopped the previous NavPilot
mode of either Auto or NAV will resume automatically after a programmable
delay of several seconds.

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Weight 15 lbs
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Power Steering Module





NavPilot 700 Series HRP-Style Pumps Only