FURUNO 1 to 25 W Simplex/Semi-Duplex VHF Radiotelephone with Class D DSC|FM4800

FURUNO FM4800, Marine VHF Radiotelephone with Class D DSC, GPS Receiver, AIS Receiver, and Simplified Loud Hailer

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The FM4800 is a new marine VHF radiotelephone with built in Class D DSC, GPS Receiver, AIS Receiver and Simplified Loud Hailer with intercom. Its compact housing enables it to be installed in a variety of craft, even vessels where space is limited, such as center console boats. The unit can be mounted on its lightweight bracket, either desktop or overhead, or it can be flush mounted. The FM4800 shares a common appearance with other Furuno equipment, such as NavNet TZtouch2, NavPilot 711C and the FI70 Instrument series, offering an integrated appearance to any helm. With its built in GPS receiver, the FM4800 does not require an external GPS source to enable its DSC functionality. The unit can be used as a backup source of GPS positioning for other onboard electronics. Its built in AIS receiver can be used to overlay AIS targets with networked GPS plotters or MFD’s, such as NavNet TZtouch, NavNet TZtouch2, or GP1871F/GP1971F combo units.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Item Name

VHF Radio Telephone with Class D DSC






Amperage Rating

5:00 AM


231 x 175.4 x 141.3 mm

Display Type

Monochrome LCD


156.025 to 162 MHz Transmitter; 155.5 to 163.275 MHz Receiver; 161.975 MHz A1S1, 162.025 MHz A1S2, 1575.45 MHz GPS


50 Ohm Antenna

Temperature Rating

-15 to 55 deg C

Transmit Power

1 to 25 W

Voltage Rating

12 VDC


Class-D DSC, GPS Receiver, AIS Receiver and Simplified Loud Hailer

Waterproof Rating



1.7 kg