DIGITAL ANTENNA 500 W Maximum 6 dB 134 to 176 MHz Omni-Directional Wide Band Land/Marine Antenna, 8 ft, Black, Slightly Shorter|992MB-S - SHIPPING CHARGES APPLY

DIGITAL 992MB-S, 8′ Wide Band VHF Antenna 6dB gain (134-176 MHz) – IN BLACK, slightly shorter, same specs

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Utilizing technology designed for military and commercial applications, digital antenna delivers our new, highly advanced 8 ft Wide Band VHF antennas to the marine industry. These antennas provide tactical maritime users with a high performance solution for broadband VHF communications. Featuring a tremendous bandwidth of 134 to 176 MHz, a nominal 6 dB gain and the ability to withstand continuous RF power up to 150 W, the new antennas facilitate high quality communications across a normally hard to cover band. An exclusive patent pending electrical design with internal ground plane allows the antenna to maintain a low radiation pattern, resulting in exceptional communication capability over a wide bandwidth.

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Weight 25 lbs