DIGITAL ANTENNA 100 W Maximum 6 dB 152.8 to 160.8 MHz Omni-Directional VHF Antenna, 8 ft, Black, Slightly Shorter|529VB-S - SHIPPING CHARGES APPLY

DIGITAL 529VB-S, ( GOLD SERIES ) 8′, 6DB, VHF ANTENNA – IN BLACK, 20ft Cable, slightly shorter, same performance

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Digital Antenna’s ultimate, award winning 8 ft VHF antennas combine 6 dB gain, ruggedness and a pristine finish to give you the most superior antenna available. Even in the harshest conditions, these antennas will maintain their beautiful glossy finish for years. Built to withstand high speeds, these antennas are ideal for radar arches and T-tops on speedboats, yachts and commercial vessels.

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Weight 35 lbs