DIGITAL ANTENNA PowerLogic 100 W Maximum 8 to 10 dB 690 to 2700 MHz Directional Log Periodic Antenna, 11.575 in, Black|457DB

DIGITAL 457DB, 690-2700 MHz, 8-10dB Log Periodic

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Digital Antenna’s new wideband log periodic antenna offers exceptional performance on all the major wireless carrier’s frequencies as well as GPS, Wi-Fi and WiMax frequencies. Designed and manufactured by Digital Antenna, model 457 dB is the only log periodic available with an incredibly low SWR of less than 1.5:1 across the entire specified frequency range. Low SWR equates to maximum power being conducted from the antenna providing maximum signal range. The 457-DB antenna is foam filled for vibration stabilization and long-lasting performance in extreme conditions.

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Weight 6 lbs