ANALYTIC SYSTEMS Remote Control Panel for BCD300/301/305/600/601/605 Battery Chargers|RCP1-BCL

ANALYTIC RCP1-BCL, Remote Control Panel (BCD300, 301, 305, 600, 601, 605)

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Analytic Systems provides optional remote control panels for most of the power conversion products it manufactures. Remote panels provide easy operation and monitoring in many installations and may be invaluable where power conversion units are installed in difficult-to-reach locations, including solar arrays, marine installations, industrial applications, portable maintenance equipment, recreational vehicles, heavy industrial equipment, mining equipment, telecommunications units, industrial and manufacturing sites. Each remote control is supplied with a 20 ft cable which is terminated with a 9 pin male ‘D’ connector. Models which are compatible with the remote panels are factory fitted with the matching female 9-pin D connector for simple connection. The data sheet of each compatible unit shows a remote icon. The cable attaches to the remote control by a color coded terminal strip which permits easy wiring of the cable. Longer cables are available at an additional charge per 10 ft section.

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Weight 10 lbs
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Remote Control Panel





BCD300, 301, 305, 600, 601, 605 Battery Chargers