ANALYTIC SYSTEMS IPSi360 Series 360 W 20 to 45 VDC Input 220 VAC Output Intelligent Pure Sine Inverter|IPS360X-20-110

Analytic IPS360X-20-110 PureSine Inverter

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Digital signal processor controlled high power MOSFET technology creates a low voltage Sine-Wave that is fed into a compact toroidal step-up transformer to create a very clean low EMI AC output. Using the free to download ‘Inverter Wizard’ software, the user can select output frequency, output voltage and low voltage shutdown parameters from any Windows laptop through the standard micro-USB interface as well as monitoring and logging input and output voltages, output power and inverter temperature. Safety features include current limiting, short circuit protection, over temperature warning and shutdown and low input voltage warning and shutdown (user adjustable). An Off-Line UPS options allows external AC to be routed through the inverter to the load. The inverter will take over supplying the load only if the external AC fails. Inverters may be fitted with any one of these receptacles and/or a hard wired AC output connection.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Item Name

Intelligent Pure Sine Inverter



Input Voltage

20 to 45 VDC

Output Voltage

220 VAC


10 in L x 9.08 in W x 3.48 in H


50/60 Hz

Output Wave Form

Pure Sine

Output Power

360 W


>90% at Maximum Output

Operating Temperature

-25 to 40 deg C


Black Anodized


Marine Grade Aluminum


1 in All Around

Duty Cycle

Continuous 24 hr Per Day, Peak- 10 min Per hr

Environmental Rating

0 to 95% Non-Condensing Humidity