ACR OLAS GUARDIAN - Wireless Engine Kill Switch and Man Overboard (MOB) Alarm System | 2985

ACR 2985, ACR OLAS GUARDIAN – Engine Kill Switch and MOB Alarm System

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Wireless Engine Kill Switch and Man Overboard (MOB) Alarm System

The ACR OLAS Guardian is a small wireless engine kill switch that acts within two seconds of a person going overboard. It has the dual function of also acting as an instant Man Overboard (MOB) Alarm system. OLAS GUARDIAN offers powerboat, motorboat, and RIB drivers the security of knowing that their boat will stop in an instant, should the skipper or crew get separated from the boat, reducing the chances of a serious accident from a loose, unmanned, uncontrolled vessel. They are free to move around their boat without constantly having to remember to attach, detach, and re-attach a physically wired kill cord. The GUARDIAN provides coverage for vessels up to 50 feet and is scalable via the use of the OLAS EXTENDER for use on vessels up to 80 feet.

NOTE: As of April 1, 2021, the U.S. Coast Guard implemented a new law passed by Congress requiring the use of engine cut-off switches (ECOS) and the associated engine cut-off switch link (ECOSL) on recreational vessels. The law is relevant to all federally navigable waterways and specifically applies to recreational vessels with the following characteristics:

Vessels less than 26 feet in length

Vessels with an engine capable of 115 lbs. static thrust (approximately 2-3 hp)

Vessels built in January 2020 or later

Exemptions to the law are as follows:

The law is not applicable to law enforcement or other government-owned vessels

There is no requirement to wear the ECOSL if either the main helm is installed within an enclosed cabin or if the vessel does not have an ECOS and is not required to have one

The ECOSL does not need to be attached/active when the vessel is operating at less than displacement speed (ie. the vessel isn’t operating on plane). This applies to common activities such as idling, docking/trailering, trolling, and operating in no-wake zones.


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