ACR GlobalFix V4 RLB-41 Category II Class 2 Manual Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB), 33 ft at 5 min|2831

ACR 2831, GlobalFix™ V4 EPIRB, Integral GPS, Cat II Class 2 Non-Haz(RLB-41); (Programmed U.S.) 10-yr Batt,User Replaceable

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When you’re setting out on a boat adventure, it’s important to have safety equipment you can count on. Designed with high efficiency electronics that are built for performance, the GlobalFix™ V4 GP emergency position Indicating Radio Beacon or EPIRB provides the protection you can trust in an emergency situation. Should the unexpected happen, this EPIRB will relay your location to a vast network of search and rescue satellites, allowing local first responders to get you home more easily. The GlobalFIX™ V4 is a full featured EPIRB loaded with high efficiency electronics for performance you can count on, including an internal 66 channel GPS for faster acquisition from a cold start. A protective keypad cover helps prevent false activation, and the all-new, user replaceable battery pack has a 10 year replacement interval reducing the overall ownership cost and making replacement a breeze. The GlobalFIX™ V4 has two functional self tests to monitor the beacon’s transmission, power and battery performance and GPS acquisition.

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Weight 5 lbs