By Keven Thomas,
Sr. Tech Support & Products Manager

It’s always nice to have “go-to people”. We can help solve a ton of issues over the phone.

We will need some basic info on the boat you’re working with. Basic unit info like model number and software version. What is connected to the unit.

On the power side, it’s always helpful to know the battery status. Are they new batteries or 5 years old and the boat hasn’t been run in 3 years.

What voltage are you getting at the battery and at the plug. Amperage is crucial. Voltage is easy to get forward but if the cable is broken some then that’s an issue.

If your transducer is not talking to the display. You really want to look for broken or disconnected cables.

Having as much info as possible before you start to make phone calls will help you from making multiple trips and multiple calls.