Welcome to the annual CED Marine electronics show! Virtual show starts on January 28th!

Sit “tableside” with manufacturers from Garmin, Navico, Digital Antenna, Shakespeare , etc (have microphone and webcam available)

Webinars on new products & Technical support all day January 28th. Sign up for the show and click through to attend webinars

Place Orders Online at cedmarine.com or call us between January 28th through February 3rd Pick Ship dates from ASAP or March 15th or schedule both

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86XX Series


CompanyWebinar HostTopicTime
PLASHLIGHTSStephen PlashCarbon Fiber Deck Light & SRX2-Series Light Bar9:40 AM
NAVICOMark SullivanCertifications and Programs. Review of NSS EVO3S10:00 AM
GLOMEXChirs CatoeGlomeasy line of antennas and TV antennas.10:20 AM
LUMITECAlex LehmanPOCO Digital Control System: System Overview/Compatibility/Wiring/Install10:40 AM
INTELLIANPaul Comynsc700 Iridium terminal11:00 AM
SEAVIEWDan Schalk New self-draining cable gland base plate supplied with most Seaview mounts. Product improvement designed to keep water from following the electronics cables. This new base plate also allows for any water that does get into the mount to self drain. 11:20 AM
FLIR/RAYMARINEJim BandyJoin Jim Bandy and Jim McGowan, Raymarine product experts for an in-depth look at the Axiom lineup of multifunction displays and accessories.  This session will cover basic installation, networking and connectivity options, as well as an overview of the range of sensors, scanners, cameras and peripherals that work with Axiom.11:40 AM
DIGITAL ANTENNADr John JonesWide band VHF antennas working with a AIS not standard VHF pros and cons also what happens when a splitter is used. Plus general knowledge of how  all antennas function regardless   of the manufacture. 12:00 PM
SCANSTRUTChris BeudryNest/ Wireless APT12:20 PM
GARMIN/FUSIONMarino250w Fantom radar and on deck system12:40 PM
KVHSteve Gormaninstalls and activations1:00 PM
XANTREXDon WilsonIntegrating solar in a marine electrical system.1:20 PM
JL AUDIOEd MeenanJL Advanced features and upgrading/advantges to next size speaker1:40 PM
FURUNOChristian Redditt and Braden Shoemakercover TZT3 and the newer peripheries such as the 100w and 200w NXT Radars, DI-FFAMP, SCX20, and DFF3D2:00 PM
LUMISHOREChristian ReddittLumishore webinar will focus on proper (and improper) installation techniques. 2:30 PM
ICOMDavid McLainICOM Marine Communications2:40 PM
SEATRONIXKeith Cariani1)Blackbox Systems VS MFD MultiFunction displays,2)Sportfish Camera Systems3:00 PM
SIREN MARINEAlexSiren 3 Pro. The latest and greatest in boat monitoring and security. We will review Siren 3 Pro SKUs and SirenSat device which is a big seller for insurance purposes to the accounts in your area. We will also have links to our new “Asset Tool Kit” for any dealers looking for additional marketing material to push to their customers.3:30 PM